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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Southern NJ

I took a ride down to South NJ (or at least what I consider to be South Jersey lol) today. I wanted to make sure I got down there again while the leaves were still changing and before the snow starts to come and the Parkway becomes a snow covered mess.

My first stop was Longstreet Farm, which for those reading this that are from Northern Jersey like myself - is kind of like a place we have around here called Fosterfierlds. Its a historic farm with animals and people(actors) walking around in period costumes and doing period-like activities and jobs around the farm.

After checking out Longstreet Farm, we drove through Colts Neck, NJ. I had heard that it was a beautiful place to visit, but boy was I unprepared for just how amazing the landscape is there! We had fun driving through this town. So much to see, but unfortunately too little time to see it all. Though, I definitely plan on going back there sometime soon.

Did you know that NJ has more horse farms than Kentucky? Yup, and Colts Neck definitely has no shortage of horse farms!

How freakin' amazing is this scene?!

A closer view. What? You didn't think I would, or rather could, only take one picture of that majestic tree now did you? Haha **whispers** I actually took close to 40 shots from various vantage points

An old family cemetery on a farm in Colts Neck

Next we drove about 15 minutes to the Monmouth Battlefield State Park. I had heard great things about his place, but to be honest I was rather disappointed. They had a visitor's map but 1) nothing was really within walking distance 2) the sites on the map were mostly what use to be there. 3) there were virtually no roads to drive on in the park so you had to drive around the perimeter, crossing and switching highways. Ah, well... I guess I never would have known unless I went to check it out. Here are some of the few photos I took there:

In front of the visitors center

Yumm-o! Corn!

Some random barn on the property. Loved the colors of the two tress in contrat with the barn


Cheryl said...

What gorgeous shots. You have a gift!

Kim said...

Holy crap this is NJ. Wow. I didn't know how beautiful NJ really is.

heidi said...


I really and truly did leave your blog open to listen to your playlist, and got annoyed at other people for making me find theirs to [ause them! Ha! Uh, of COURSE I like Bon Jovi..duh. Are there people that don't? Heathens.

Have a day!!