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Monday, October 20, 2008

Not Me Monday and NYC Photos: 1

Not Me Monday

Most of you know the drill. Mckmama hosts "Not Me Monday's" on her blog. They're fun times. Click the banner below to check it out

* I did not buy yet another purse this weekend( that must make #200 LOL)

* I definitely did not snap about 400 photos while in the city today

* I was certainly not disturbed by the dancing hotdog and the monkey watching monkey porn that she saw in the city today(I weill explain all of that in a moment)

* I did not go into Urban Outfitters prepared to buy a Holga camera and walk out empty handed :(

* I do not have 3 days off (in a row!) this week and am certainly not happy about it.

Now on to my day in the city....

I feel so very fortunate to live so close to the city. Its an amazing place that I think everybody should visit at least once in their life. Although, living so close does have a small downside in that I sometimes lose sight of just how incredible the city is (and get annoyed by the traffic, crowds, smells, polution). I normally go into the city with a purpose and a plan - to meet someone for lunch or dinner, go see a show, go to a concert, go see the tree at Christmas, go on a crazy hot air balloon rude over Central Park (lol)....ect. But the last couple of times I have gone in I have just relaxed and walked around to wherever I felt like going, with my camera of course, and in no hurry. Even if its to places I have been to a hundred times before, its nice to just take it all in without worrying about time or where I have to be next.

My first stop was Greenich Village. I just love all of the diversity down there. You always find the unexpected down there. And there's no shortage of photo-ps!

This has to be my absolute favorite door in the Village. I have passed by this door dozens and dozens of times but never manages to have my good camera with me to take any decent photos. Finally,this time I was prepared

There is also no shortage of graffiti (typical almost anywhere you go in NYC)

This piece of artwork was literally glowing in the sunlight

Nor shortage of homeless people(

Or barbed wire

Or wacky cars

There's also no shortage of Culture (an manequin arms apparently lol)

Or changing leaves

And how about all of the gorgeous buildings in unexpected places?

And no shortage of posts for me tonight... lol

Check back in a few minutes and I will post about the dancing hotdog and the monkey watching monkey porn (there might even be some vidoes awaiting you when you get back!)


Hailey said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! McHottie is just too hot I tell you. I couldn't bring myself to breastfeed in front of him... hidden behind a curtain or not. I'm on my way out. I will stop back by to look at your blog later tonight. Your pictures are fabulous!