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Monday, December 22, 2008

"Not Me Monday" - the Holiday Edition

Still not sure what "Not Me Monday" hosted by McKmama is about?

Check it out:

* I am not a habitual last minute Holiday shopper and still have a couple of presents to buy with no idea about what to get the remaining people on my list!

* I certainly did not have 3 Starbucks frapps in 3 hours to keep me awake while writing Christmas cards and wrapping some presents the other night.

* I definitely did not freak out when the brakes on my car stopped working while I was out in the middle of nowhere and my cell phone was dying last week. That totally proves that I do not consider my cell a life-line! lol

*It has not been snowing/freezing rain for almost 2 days straight here and I was not kind of excited about it until I had to drive in it last night.

* I was really not completely content being snowbound in the house watching Lifetime/ Hallmark Christmas movies the other day.

*I did not just this week learn what "A partridge in a pear tree, two turtle doves, three french hens, four calling birds, six geese a laying, ect......" really meant. And I do not feel completely stupid for never really reading into or realizing what that carol meant!

* And I am most certainly not excited for Christmas, but especially Christmas Eve :)


justlori2day said...

Thanks for stopping over! And the fact that a photographer liked my header, it must mean I am not too lame when it comes to that kind of thing!

I have been there with the co-depency on my cell! The bummer is when NO ONE answers! hehehe

We have been getting nailed with snow and wind, so I hear ya on the wanting the nasty stuff to end! We were at -19 this morning - TEMPERATURE. We are getting another 3-5" of snow tonight/tomorrow, so it will bring our one week total to over 16". We havent had a white Christmas like this is maybe 20 years!

Good luck with the shopping. I have one person left, some of which I have ideas for (handmade items), so I will top it off with a gift card and call it good!

Have a great week!

pam said...

I have some shopping to do as well. I was going to go this morning, but was snowed in.

Enjoy the holidays.


BGrace said...

that song has an alternate meaning!?! never knew

Pam said...

Thanks for your comment. My puppers is a hound mix. Don't really know what the mix is. All the experts...er...know-it-alls in the dog park say she has some doberman others rottweiler and some have even said chow due to the spots on her tongue. Whatever she is I LOVE her! Great not me's! This is the first year in many I have been early with anything xmas related. I credit it to being a housewife. I even went shopping today cause I was bored and saw a purse I wanted at Target. Have a Merry Christmas!!!