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Saturday, December 6, 2008

Its Shelby Saturday!

So, since I have been posting so many photos of my dog Shelby, the most adorable Jack Russle/Boston Terrier ever, I decided that it'd probably make more sense to just post all the photos I take of her each week (which is normally a lot since she does so many cute things lol) and post them all together on Saturdays. (whew! How was that for a run on sentence?)

Doesn't she look like Yoda from Star Wars in this photo? lol

She's staring down the treats I have for her in this photo

* Photos from my little excursion to NYC will be up tomorrow


Mich said...

Shelby is such a cutie pie!!

Cynthia Jill Photography said...

Thanks Michelle :) i can;t wait to see her reaction when she gets her Christmas present - its a HUGE tennis ball lol