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Monday, March 15, 2010

Spring Fever!

I absolutely adore the changing of the seasons! By far my absolute most favorite season is Spring! Everything is just so fresh and vibrant *sigh* I can't wait!! Four more days and it will officially be Spring! Though, I'm afraid we'll still have to wait a few more weeks for it to feel and look more like spring... so until that time, I'd like to share some of my favorite Spring/early Summer photos that I've taken from the past couple of years.


This particular photo was taken at one of my fave places ever, Alstede Farms. They have the most amazingly beautiful selection of "Cut Your Own Flowers" there!

Can you tell I love pink?

This is another fave location. I first spotted this field about 3 springs ago. Then, as it turned out, the following spring I got a job right around the corner from it. The first chance I got I used this field for a shoot and plan to do many more shoots at this spot this coming Spring. Its breath-taking there!

This is another location I adore. Its right down the street from the location above. While I love doing urban shoots, there's just something about nature that totally speaks to me. Nothing like tall grass to add beauty to a photo.

Same location as above. Its so perfectly picturesque there! I am pretty sure that I could just pull up a comfy chair and sit there and stare at this place all spring-time long.

This is called a huymmingbird moth. Had never heard of one or saw one until then!
In Flight

A beautiful public garden located in the next town over from me
Charlotte's Garden

One of the many bunnies that frequented our yard last spring & summer.
Baby Bunny

Another photo taken at Alstede Farms.
Donkey Love

Not many people know this, but my favorite color as a child was Orange.
A sea of orange

One of the many peacocks that freely wander around at the Turtle Back Zoo...


This photo was taken in the "Great Mall" area of Central Park. I did a shoot there this past fall and plan to do some shoots there this spring/summer as well. The canopy trees are to die for!
Light'n it up in Central Park

Lavender Love

I don't know what it is, but I have always loved butterflies. They're just so magical.
The butterfly dance

This was taken at a local arboretum. Another fab locale for photo shoots!

And speaking of photoshoots... within the next couple of weeks I will be updating with some news on upcoming shoots. So stay tuend if you are intersted in booking with me.

Let the countdown to Spring begin!



Lost in Reverie | Photography said...

That babe sitting in the chair in the middle of all those wildflowers is an amazing image! I just LOVE it! I wish we had meadows like that out here in Nevada.

Cynthia Jill Photography said...

Aw, thank you! I feel like I've come so far/learned so much (in terms of photography) since then, so when I look at that photo I kind of kick myself for all its little imperfections. Can't wait until that field blooms again so I can start shooting there again this spring/summer!

I think its a matter of people in general just all wanting a taste of what we don't have because I've seen plenty of photos on Flickr of amazing locations in Nevada that make me yearn to do a shoot out there!

Thanks again for the comment! :)

DestinyGrace said...

I just love your work, Cindy. Fresh, candid and real. Keep it up, passions are hard to come by and harder to yet to fuel! Happy Spring.

Charly said...

Hi, I found your link on PhotoForum, and wow! You're amazing! I loved the shots, especially the one with the orange flowers. Great job. :)

missDeSS said...

a very nice pics...very2 talented...hope i cn fly to a place like tht sumday...

anchitdong said...

you have very nice pictures. i was really amaze

Cynthia Jill Photography said...

Thank you all so much for your kind comments!