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Sunday, February 28, 2010

{Pet Photography} Man's Woman's Best Friend

Sorry its been such a long time without an update from me - I've been down & out with a nasty sinus infection and a painful kidney infection for the past 10 or so days.

I started to feel like I am finally on the road to recovery today so I decided to whip out the camera and take some more photos of Shelby (hey, there could never be enough and she's a pretty cute subject, right?). Let me just say though, that I cannot wait for things to go back to normal again!

What would I do without this girl to help occupy my time stuck inside and feed my photography itch?! I'll tell you, I really am so lucky to have a dog that doesn't really mind getting her photo taken and generally listens so well to commands. I ♥ her!

Something you might not know about my cute, rambunctious, cuddly and sometimes a teeny bit naughty pooch... we rescued her from a local animal shelter. Actually, every dog I've ever had was adopted from a shelter. Sure, none of them came from a frou-frou breeder or were/are actually even purebreds. But they were all unique and amazing in their own way. If you're looking into getting a dog (or cat) please consider checking out your local animal shelter first. There are so many lovely dogs, young and old, just waiting for their forever home.

This photo in particular is actually from a few weeks ago...

The rest are from today...








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dyanna said...

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smalltowngrl said...

Your dog is quite a cute little model :)

Megan Coyle said...

What fantastic photographs - that dog is adorable!!

Pannstejji kaffi said...

Wow. I love your photos. :) Keep working.

// Ida

Cynthia Jill Photography said...

Thanks guys!! I lucked out with a dog that is so patient! ;)