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Monday, November 3, 2008


It was a gloomy day today but I decided to head out to Sussex County regardless to scout out some locations for an upcoming shoot and to take some photos along the way.

But first.. a "Not Me Monday" post hosted by McKmama who had a MckMiracle this week :)

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*I did not get injured at work, yet again. Either I am a klutz or just have really bad luck!

*I most definitely did not stop by the mall 3 nights this week... me? A shopaholic? No way!! ;)

*I did not just get a call from my endochrinoligist telling me that my A1C is 11.7 (those diabetics out there should know what all of that means). That number would mean that I am a bad, bad diabetic... which I am certainly not (no...seriously, I'm not!)

*I was not listening to Chirstmas music in my car all afternoon long... and certainly not Clay Aiken's Chirstmas CD :)

*I did not sleep for 14 hours last night (I am still super tired for some strange reason though!)

*I did not see some really adorable doggie outfits and accessories at Walmart the other day and actually stand there for 10 minutes pondering whether or not I should buy Shelby a stylin' pink winter coat with a faux fur trim (Hey, it gets cold here!)

*I am certainly not still somewhat undecided about voting tomorrow and extremely worried about this country not matter who becomes President :(

Now onto the photos from today....

Since the upcoming shoot is for an engaged, soon-to-be-married couple i was thinking this location with the beautiful old, run down church might work for a few shots.

How beautiful are the colors of the trees?!

Beautiful old Farmhouse

Sussex County Airport


-stephanie- said...

Love Clay Aikins Christmas CD. Cry all the time. Your pictures are beautiful. Please vote! My daughters prayed tonight that everyone votes for who God wants them to vote for, so your covered.

Kimberly said...

Okay girl, thanks for stopping by my blog, and I'm thrilled that you love my playlist as much as I do, but I'm about to give you a blogger lecture --GET THAT A1C UNDER CONTROL ASAP!!!!! I know I don't need to tell you what can happen to your body with uncontrolled diabetes now do I??? okay, now, end of diabetes rant -- and beginning of, you are so tired because of this A1c child -that's 1of the major signs that it's out of kilter.. now, if I was foolish enough to contemplate getting married - and there is only so far I'll go in foolishness anymore just because I'm so old and experienced HA! -- I would TOTALLY dig having my photos taken in front of the old church you posted -- that is just beyond gorgeous! and the old farm house has a great color for background too... you take beautiful pictures - I love the 1 at the top of the cross in the distance --gorgeous!!

Kimberly said...

oh, and if you're into holistic meds - you may want to check out cinnamon capsules - there has been some anecdotal evidence that they can help regulate blood sugar and ward off neuropathy - check your local health food store, and you want to make sure you get a brand that doesn't process things too much - your local HF store, again, should be able to recommend the best brand for this particular thing available in your area --

being sick just, well, plain sucks, there's no getting around it! I'm sorry you've had so much recently - will include you in my prayers today that you get through the winter without anything else attacking your immune system -

hope you've had a flu shot? I never got 1 until about 3 winters ago - after ending up with viral pneumonia 6 winters in a row -I finally decided that I needed to go ahead and have the Pneumovax and then have a flu shot every year - it's made a big difference -no pneumonia since - some flu last year, but they got the vaccine wrong for the strain we got here

Anyhow, fasting and praying about the election today and praying for everyone else on my list for prayers during this time, so will put you right on there! God bless and have a beautiful day!!