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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Fun with PaintShop Pro

I've always considered myself a people person. Meaning, I'd prefer to be around crowds of people rather than just hanging by myself doing whatever. But lately I have found that I am enjoying my solo outings, which I've been trying to do one at least every other week (which is hard to do sometimes with my like 20 jobs lol)

I've been to a few Farmer's Markets on my little "adventures". They're always nice to go to. Great scenery, full of photo op's, and delicious, healthy, food. Today I had the day off and realized that I was out of my new food craving, banana granola (YUMM-O!), so I headed to the nearby Farmer's Market to pick some up. It was nice out this morning and I knew that the next couple of days would be stormy and rainy, which means no landscape/nature photos for at least a few days, so I thought I should seize this opportunity and I decided to bring my camera along. I happened to run into a mother, with her young son, there who also happens to be a photographer, by hobby. I will have to check her photos out.

I am trying to learn how to use Corel Paint Shop Pro better and have been experimenting with it. I didn't want to go overboard because I generally don't like photography to look more like art or "too Photoshopped" so I just made some subtle changes. Here are the results of some of my "experimenting" using some of today's shot.


Jennifer said...

Beautiful photos!

Cynthia Jill Photography said...

Thank you so much Jennifer! :)