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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Session Info

** Please email me to discuss Pricing & Availablity**

Where Will Your Photo Shoot Take Place?
I shoot "on location", meaning I do not have my own formal photography studio. I can come to you or we can meet at a designated location. If you have a specific place(s) in mind that you would like to have your photos taken, please confirm with me ahead of time. If you are unsure of where would be the "perfect" location for your shoot feel free to ask me for suggestions. Generally, backyards, waterfront, local parks, or the beach are great photoshoot locations. Fun backdrops such as a funky colored door or a building with interesting grafiti also work really well. I also suggest browsing through my blog for location ideas. If you see a place that looked neat to you and you would like to do your shoot there as well, give me a shout out.

I prefer natural light - whether that be outdoors or indoors near a window or, at the very least, in a room with sufficient indoor lighting.

What Should You Wear?

What you wear is up to you.

* For Individual shots - Anything you are comfortable in and really shows who you are. Just beware that white in bright light situations will wash you out.

* For Group/Couple photos - There is no need for you to all be wearing the same color(though if that is what you want to do, go for it!), but it is best if you are at least in colors that compliment each other. Try to avoid crazy patterns or shirts with logos on them.

* For Children - Please be sure to bring at least one extra change of cloths to change them into incase of any unforeseen incidents. Don't forget about those accessories - knitted hats, tutus,your favorite blanket to wrap baby in or frilly bows for little girls all add personal touches to your photos.

* Please feel free to also bring a maximum of two other outfit changes for yourself or your child to make your photos more varied.

If there are any items that you would like yourself or your child(ren) to be photographed with, please let me know ahead of time. I also have a trunk full of goodies - such as some accessories, baskets, chairs, blankets, ect. Please note: For parents of babies/young children - If you would prefer for us to only use your "props" (blankets, prop up billows, towels, ect...) please let me know in advance so we can make arrangements.

Don't forget about your pet! Feel free to bring along their favorite toy as well.

Before the Shoot
To be sure our shoot is as successful as possible, please make sure everyone is well rested and fed.

If your pet is being photographed, don't forget to bring along some tasty treats.